Bike Ride for Donations from Wiedergeltingen/Germany to Kaernten/Austria

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From the left:

Stefan Haider with his friends Markus, Calle, Martin & Axel reaching the Baltic Sea after cycling 1000 km to Kalifornien in 2020.




5 friends from Wiedergeltingen (a small village in Bavaria 70 km west of Munich) do an early summer multi day bicycle trip for many years already. They always start from home and with these trips they explored the paths to their destinations Bozen, Berlin, Strasbourg, Salzburg and Kalifornien (Baltic sea, close to Kiel). Why they do that? First of all it is fun but also companionship, physical challenge and the great experiences to make those distances without motors which motivate us to start every year again against full calendars!


This year we want to add “social engagement” to the bucket, we want to help AWO to collect money for social purposes, as due to corona donations are urgently needed.



Stefan Haider, route planer for the ride from 2021 said:

 It would be great, if each km we ride would bring donations which are needed for the social projects of the Charity Organization “Arbeiterwohlfahrt” (AWO) branch Türkheim-Ettringen-Wiedergeltingen. As always when riding the bike the trip will depend on the weather and physical and technical circumstances, which could force us to change the route, but so far we have always reached our destination.“



Regina Besch, AWO Wiedergeltingen Group lead, is happy about the engagement of the 5 men: „Due to corona AWO (as the most clubs and organizations) had to cancel events in the last year. Normally such events bring the needed donations to fund or social activities, but in the last year only a few donations have been received.


For the social projects ‚AWO-Engelchen für Notfälle‘ (AWO-Angels for emergency cases) and ‚AWO-Kindererholung‘ (AWO children recreation) we depend on donations as we have more requests than ever due to the challenging corona situation especially in low income families.


The branch of AWO Tuerkheim/Ettrigen was founded 1965 and provides offers for families, children and teenagers and elderly people. Since 2013 Wiedergeltingen is covered by us as well.”


Each single donated EURO comes to good use for the following social AWO projects (these two are the most requested ones):

1) „AWO-Engelchen für Notfälle“(AWO-Angels for emergency cases)
This project is an financial “individual case” help for people which became innocent in distress.


Target group: Families, single parents, children and teenagers as well as elderly people

Project-Location: Türkheim, Ettringen, Wiedergeltingen and near distance

Period: all year round

2) „Betreute Kindererholung“ (AWO children recreation) in cooperation with in Zusammenarbeit with other AWO-Locations
Since 54 years the AWO organizes pedagogically supervised recreation for children and teenagers which are not living on the sunny side of life.


Target group: children and teenagers

Project-Location: Türkheim, Ettringen, Wiedergeltingen and near distance

Period: During school holidays






Donation Bank account of AWO branch Türkheim-Ettringen-Wiedergeltingen

Bank: Sparkasse Memmingen-Lindau-Mindelheim

IBAN: DE53731500000760711150



Up to a donation amount of 200 EUROS, the transfer form is sufficient to present to the tax office (German regulations). We will be happy to issue you a donation receipt for amounts beyond this.

For this we need your name (if it does not match the account holder) and your address.



2021 planned bike ride from Wiedergeltingen to Kärnten/Weissensee


Wiedergeltingen - Landsberg - Kochelsee - Seefeld - Innsbruck - Brenner - Brixen - Brunneck - Lienz -

Kärnten Weissensee


 All participants on this bike trip will be happy if our trip initializes social commitment

from readers who will donate for the AWO projects!




Thanks in advance to all who will donate to do something good for those

who are not living on the sunny side of life!




And please keep your fingers crossed that we will not have head

wind or heavy rain all day long!